Amanda Henry, Author at AASP PA

Parts Supply Concerns

In recent years there have been struggles with product shortages and delays, mainly due to international tariffs. But with the addition of COVID-19 and the associated effects, such as blocked ports and production facility shutdowns we have a whole new type of crisis. When the world first shut down at the beginning of 2020, many […]

Ignoring your female customers? You’re losing valuable business. – By Lori Johnson

If you’re in the automotive industry, from owner to shop manager, it’s important to understand and evaluate your customer base. When I talk to many players in the business, It’s surprising, yet maybe not surprising how little attention is paid to female customers as a whole. This is an unfortunate situation for all involved.   […]

Federal Repair Act Introduced

In other Legislative News, the following Press Release was issued on February 3, 2022. Rush Introduces REPAIR Act to Ensure Equal Access to Auto Repair Data for Independent Repair Shops and Preserve Consumer Choice 70% of vehicles in the U.S. are maintained by independent auto shops, which are increasingly locked out from accessing vital repair […]

AASP-PA Insurance Program

One of the biggest hurdles AASP-PA faced after the Affordable Health Care Act was enacted was finding a Health Insurance option that was attractive and easily attainable to all of our members, no matter the size of the shop. After many barriers and setbacks, we’ve finally found a solution that we feel fits the bill! […]

Managing Stress for Business Owners

A while back, I wrote an article about setting a goal for the year of stepping out of my comfort zone. And I certainly succeeded…I took flights back and forth from Lancaster to Pittsburgh on a six-seater plane; I sold a 10,000 sq. foot office building and moved the association into a space that was […]