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Staff Changes at AASP-PA

Press Release For Immediate Release For more information, please contact: Amanda Henry 717-564-8400   ahenry@aasp-pa.org September 29, 2016 – The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Pennsylvania (AASP-PA) recently announced organizational changes that will take effect on October 1, 2016: Jeff Walter, current Executive Director, will be stepping down and returning to his family business in the private […]

National AutoBody Research Releases VRS Labor Rate Survey for Pennsylvania, Sponsored by AASP-PA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE National AutoBody Research Releases VRS Labor Rate Survey for Pennsylvania, Sponsored by AASP-PA Tucson, Arizona – August 23, 2016 – NABR announces the launch of the Pennsylvania VRS Labor Rate Survey, sponsored by the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Pennsylvania (AASP-PA). The free online survey is available to all PA collision repairers on the NABR website. […]

OH NO! My Emissions Certification is Expiring the End of this Month!

This is a phrase we hear at the office from Emission Inspectors across the state. As of September 1st, there will no longer be a six month grace period to renew your emission license. If you wait until the last minute to schedule your class, there is a good chance you won’t be able to find […]

Proof Safety Inspection Works

Pennsylvania is considered to have one of the most intensive safety inspection programs in the country. However, due to the common misperception that the program has little or no value to society or consumers, some legislators in the state feel the safety inspection process is no longer necessary. Added to the perception are some government […]


Act 89, which became law on November 25, 2013, amends many sections of Title 75, including biennial adjustments to numerous fees based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Act 89 represents an investment in Pennsylvania’s future, increasing public safety, and driving commerce, creating jobs, and providing reliable funding for our transportation needs without leaving the […]

Pennsylvania Transportation Bill

All members, We have had some requests for copies of the PA Transportation Bill that was signed by the governor. I’ve removed a lot of the pages which don’t pertain to us and highlighted some of the language that may affect your businesses. You can review the bill, by clicking here. You’ll notice there is […]


PennDOT released a bulletin that serves to advise you that there are many updates and changes throughout chapter 175 of the Vehicle Equipment and Inspection Regulations. A Chapter 175 Regulation Comparison Chart is available to download from our website below. You should review it in its entirety as you will be responsible for complying with […]

Analysis of Technician Supply in the Collision Industry 2013

The availability of qualified repair technicians in the collision repair industry is an ongoing concern for shop owners and operators in recent years and appears that it will continue to be for the foreseeable future. There are a variety of factors that have contributed to the shortage of qualified technical employees in the industry. They […]

Technician’s Operating Procedure in Four Easy Steps

If you don’t already have one, one of the best things you can do for your business is to create a Technician’s Operating Procedure. By having such a procedure in place, every technician in your shop will approach, execute and close out every job, every time, in the same format. STEP ONE: One of the […]

Directing Traffic

While directing traffic is best left to trained public agency personnel, at times towers find themselves in a situation where these trained personnel are not available. This is why towers commonly carry cones and flares with them. CONES: Traffic cones are best used during short-term traffic directions, specifically when traffic is already blocked, moving slowly […]