Important – October 1, 2013 Required Disclosure – Notice of Exchanges

In 2014, the Health Care Reform law creates a new type of online marketplace for purchasing health insurance coverage. It is referred to as a Health Insurance Marketplace, or an Exchange. As an employer, you are required to notify your employees about the availability of coverage through the Marketplace.

AASP-PA is providing the notice (links below) to help you communicate this information to your employees and meet your obligations under the new law. To remain compliant, please review the appropriate link for you and following the instructions.

Also, if you are interested in having AASP-PA Benefits act as your advocate and partner in offering health insurance to your employees, or if you are already a member of the AASP-PA Benefits and have any questions, please contact them at (888) 374-4342.

Written by AASP-PA