National AutoBody Research Releases VRS Labor Rate Survey for Pennsylvania, Sponsored by AASP-PA - AASP PA

National AutoBody Research Releases VRS Labor Rate Survey for Pennsylvania, Sponsored by AASP-PA


National AutoBody Research Releases VRS Labor Rate Survey for Pennsylvania, Sponsored by AASP-PA

Tucson, Arizona – August 23, 2016 – NABR announces the launch of the Pennsylvania VRS Labor Rate Survey, sponsored by the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Pennsylvania (AASP-PA).

The free online survey is available to all PA collision repairers on the NABR website.

“We’re excited to bring the VRS Labor Rate Survey and system to Pennsylvania,” said Jeff Walter, Executive Director of AASP-PA. “The Survey provides collision repairers the opportunity to report their true labor rates, not rates determined for them. And it is conducted by an independent, third party company who are experts in collision repair labor rates. Then, shops can gain access to the VRS search tools and calculators, enabling them to find the right rate for their individual shop.”

“The VRS is ultimately about consumer care and safety,” said Sam Valenzuela, president of NABR. “We see a link between consumer safety and labor rates. Collision repairers need to be paid the right rates in order to afford the training, equipment, and certifications necessary to properly and safely repair today’s vehicles, which increasingly use new technology, new manufacturing and construction techniques, and advanced materials. So it’s very important for all Pennsylvania collision repairers to know and collect the right rates for their individual shop, and the Survey and Variable Rate System help tremendously with that.”

To the see innovative Variable Rate System for themselves, any collision repair owner or general manager may request a free, no-obligation demo of the VRS, to see firsthand how the system can help them charge and collect sufficiently profitable labor rates and get paid for more not included procedures.

With the addition of Pennsylvania, the VRS Labor Rate Survey is now active in 8 of the top 10 most populous states in the country. Pennsylvania becomes the 16th state to launch the VRS Survey, joining Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Utah.

About National AutoBody Research (NABR)
NABR is an independent research, technology, and consulting company committed to restoring the free market for labor rate pricing in the automobile collision repair industry, and leveling the playing field for shops to get paid for non-included procedures.

Through its innovative and proven Variable Rate System (VRS) technology, NABR provides collision repair shops the tools they need to understand competitive labor rates in their market, understand their cost of doing business, and calculate appropriate labor rates for their individual shop to earn a sufficient and necessary profit.

Insurers can utilize the VRS to help differentiate among shops and justify variable rate payments to different repairers, while manufacturers can understand market rates for repairing their vehicles by their brand certified collision centers.

With rates from shops nationwide, NABR built the industry’s first and only independent, third party, and objective source of national labor rate data, making the VRS the collision repair industry standard for market based labor rates.

The system now includes NABR’s newest product, the VRS Procedures Document Search, the industry’s first and only online searchable document information library, containing records of shops getting paid for not-included procedures, and enabling more shops to be paid for the work they do.

To inquire about the VRS System, or to sponsor a VRS Labor Rate Survey in your state, please contact:

Sam Valenzuela
President, National AutoBody Research

Written by AASP-PA