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OH NO! My Emissions Certification is Expiring the End of this Month!

This is a phrase we hear at the office from Emission Inspectors across the state. As of September 1st, there will no longer be a six month grace period to renew your emission license. If you wait until the last minute to schedule your class, there is a good chance you won’t be able to find the class you need in time!
PennDOT has indicated there will be no exceptions to this rule change, so excuses like “I didn’t get notified” or “my address changed” will not suffice to save you.
What does it mean if you wait until the last minute? It could very well mean that you’ll be forced to retake the initial 16 hour course to get your license back!
So let’s say your emission license expires September 30th. You’ve procrastinated for whatever reason, and the best class you can find is on September 25th.  You’ve waited to the last minute, got into a class, but you failed to attain 80% and failed. In this scenario, you would be required to retake the initial 16 hour course to regain your emissions license.
Here is another example.  We will flip the above dates.  Your emission license expires September 25th.  The upcoming class in your area is September 30th.  Because there is no grace period after September 1, you would expire on September 25th and need to take the full 16 hour course.  I would suggest that you drive to wherever you can find a class before September 25. 
Shop Owners! Although I believe this isn’t your responsibility to manage your technicians’ credentials to maintain their job, I also believe for the sake of keeping your schedule running smoothly, it would be a good idea to stay on top of this.
Technicians! Do not wait for notification that you expire! It is solely your responsibility to make sure you recertify your licenses(plural) before they expire.  PennDOT will not have any sympathy for your procrastination to recertify.
This example, although for Emission Inspector license renewal, is the same for Safety Inspector Recertification! So take heed to my words.    

Written by AASP-PA