TOOLS Seminars

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Saturday Morning Seminars – 8:45 AM – 11:45 AM


A1 – John Gillespie, Advance/CTI – AUTOMOTIVE HVAC SYSTEMS: ESSENTIAL DIAGNOSTICS – This class provides a solid foundation of essential HVAC diagnostic procedures, based upon diagnostic best practices, in order to assure correct and complete diagnostic conclusions of common HVAC failures. Topics will include temperature and pressure testing, the diagnosis of compressor clutch controls, PWM fan diagnostics, and variable displacement compressor controls. Special emphasis will include how to evaluate overall performance and efficient choice of diagnostic methods. The effects of internal heat exchangers and how they change expected test results compared to a “traditional” system will also be featured.


A2 – Luis Ruiz, AutoZone - HOW TO SOLVE DIFFICULT DTCs: This course will explore why codes cause grief and how to successfully repair them. After almost 25 years of OBD2, technicians have learned to cope with most of the problems that come their way. But there are some systems that continue to be difficult to diagnose. Many of these are old and while many are fairly new. Some types of codes that can be difficult to diagnose include evaporative system, random misfire, Variable Valve Timing, catalyst efficiency, electronic throttle control, and fuel trim. During this course, technicians will be able to: 

o Identify EVAP faults 

o Perform random misfire diagnosis 

o Catalyst efficiency code diagnosis 

o Analyze scan tool data for fuel trim diagnosis 

o Describe VVT operation 


A3 - Jeffrey Choy, Watts-Up Spot, LLC – INTRO TO HYBRID/EV TECHNOLOGY – PART I – This course is designed to provide technician’s confidence in opening the hood of a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle. In addition, aiding diagnostic techs with knowledge and preparation for the ASE L-3 exam. This session will guide participants with the knowledge of what services they can provide safely, and what resources are necessary if they choose to go deeper or specialize. And most importantly, how to carry out an informed conversation with customers about Hybrid and EV technology. Session I will cover: 

  • Low Voltage Battery 
  •  High Voltage Battery 
  • Inverter/converter operation 
  • Consumer FAQs 
  • Atkinson Cycle Internal Combustion Engines 
  • HV System Disabling/Enabling Procedures 
  • Electronic Service Information Resources 
  • DC-to-DC converter diagnosis 
  • Hybrid and EV Cooling Systems


A4 - Rick White, 180Biz – COACHING & COUNSELING FOR SUCCESS – Every employee, including your superstars, can reach higher levels of performance. All they need is a manager who can coach. Someone who will regularly watch, assess, and interact with each employee in ways that will develop and maximize their individual effectiveness. Coaching your employees one-on-one will raise their level of performance making sure you can get the most out of your team. In this class, you will practice coaching techniques like how to ask open-ended questions to draw the best from your employees. Owners and managers who want to improve results and get higher performance from their team should absolutely attend. In this course, you will learn to: 

Saturday Afternoon Seminars – 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM


B1 - Maylan Newton, ESI– HOW TO SURVIVE, NO THRIVE IN TIMES OF CRISIS – Recent events have made it very difficult for most businesses. But in these times of crisis, why did some businesses grow 20% and others fail? 

If we do not change and stay stuck in survival mode so that we only have enough energy to think about paying our bills or employees next month, our future will remain uncertain. Join us as we discuss why some businesses survived and even thrive while many just disappeared.

Experts agree that occurrences such as these will happen again. Whether it's another pandemic, natural disaster, or illness, this has been just a glimpse, just the beginning if we don't change how we run our businesses.

Create change: Building a more sustainable future makes more sense.

B2 – Pam Oakes, AutoZone - EMERGING VEHICLE TECHNOLOGIES: This course brings shop owners and technicians up-to-date with technologies such as radar cruise and collision avoidance systems used in many vehicles today. During the course, participants will:
o Discuss telematics, brake by wire, hybrid and EV systems in a context that identifies the new technologies
o Learn about the training and tools needed to be ready for new technologies
o Learn about automated driver assistance systems
o Discuss entertainment and telematics systems
o Learn about the effect technology has on service


B3 – Brandon Steckler, Advance/CTI – SCAN TOOL ANALYSIS: UNDERSTANDING & USING FUEL TRIM – This course is intended to provide technicians with a thorough understanding of fuel trim. From the feedback fuel control loop to recognizing when fuel control strategy falls outside of stoichiometry, the objective of this class is to allow technicians to more effectively diagnose a variety of driveability issues using fuel trim data. Topics will include: defining fuel trim types, air/fuel calculation strategies and using scan tool fuel trim data for diagnostic purposes. This course uses illustrated vehicle case studies to demonstrate the practical application of analytic and diagnostic techniques used by top technicians across the country. Learn how to determine which diagnostic tests need to be performed and, more importantly, which diagnostic tests do not need to be performed to locate problems quickly and accurately the first time.

B4 - Rick White, 180BizSKYROCKETING YOUR PROFITS - You’re a shop owner who feels like your business is broken and you’re frustrated because you just can’t seem to fix it. You know you are leaving money on the table every time work is presented to a customer, but for the life of you, you can't get any change to happen. Sound familiar? In our time together, you will quickly learn that your shop isn’t broken; it’s out of adjustment. As a group, you'll come up with some great ideas to make immediate changes that will drastically improve your profits. I'm going to teach you how to quickly turn things around using a sure-fire six-step process to grow your business and skyrocket your bottom line! You'll be able to identify what has been holding you back and what you can do about it – RIGHT NOW. Your business will thank you for attending this course. So will your bank account. 

Sunday, October 23, 2022


Sunday Morning Seminars – 8:45 AM – 11:45 AM


C1 – John Gillespie, Advance/CTI – DRIVETRAIN: ALL WHEEL DRIVE TECHNOLOGIES – Today’s SUVs, sedans and sports coupes are embracing all-wheel drive to improve vehicle handling and, in some cases, make better use of high torque/high horsepower powerplants. Don’t confuse all-wheel drive with four wheel drive. Although some components are shared between the technologies, all-wheel drive utilizes advanced software and controls to precisely control torque vectoring and aid in the stability of the vehicle. Repairing these vehicles requires not only an understanding of the hardware, but also electronics and control strategies. Topics in the course include: 

  • Differences between AWD design vs. 4WD
  • The role of software’s role in AWD operation
  • Common AWD components and how they operate
  • Proper diagnostic testing procedures
  • Analysis of vibration issues


C2 - Jeffrey Choy, Watts-Up Spot, LLC – INTRO TO HYBRID/EV TECHNOLOGY – PART II -  This course is designed to provide technician’s confidence in opening the hood of a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle. In addition, aiding diagnostic techs with knowledge and preparation for the ASE L-3 exam. This session will guide participants with the knowledge of what services they can provide safely, and what resources are necessary if they choose to go deeper or specialize. And most importantly, how to carry out an informed conversation with customers about Hybrid and EV technology. Session II will cover: 

  • Electric Motor Types 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
  • Scan tool data 
  • Meter specifications and pinpoint operations 
  • Plug-In Charging Systems (EVSE) 
  • More Consumer FAQs 
  • Electric A/C Compressor 
  • High Voltage Interlock(HVIL) 
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) 
  • Hydraulic braking systems operation 
  • HV Cooling Operation 
  • HV Battery Configurations 
  • High Voltage Battery Contactor Operation 
  • Transaxle Stators and Inverter Relationships


C3 - Maylan Newton, ESI – PROFIT STRUCTURING & BUSINESS ANALYSIS - This seminar comes from years of experience and the understanding that without a good foundation, most business owners/managers spend too much of their time trying to hold up the walls themselves instead of making money.  Don’t misunderstand us, this is generally not out of lack of desire or dedication, but instead simply that most of us were great Technicians before we decided to open our businesses, but we had little experience or training in business.  The information in this seminar is what we should have had before we opened our doors!

This Seminar will be coving these important topics;

  • Reading & Understanding your Profit & Loss statements
  • How to determine your True Cost of Being Open
  • We’ll show you how to determine you’re Per Hour Charge or Labor Rate
  • And determine what you are actually Charging Per Hour
  • Production and how it affects profit
  • How to mark your parts up
  • Understanding gross profit


C4 – Pam Oakes, AutoZone - SERVICE ADVISOR’S GUIDE TO SELLING PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: This course was designed by shop owners, service advisors and technicians for fellow shop owners, service advisors and technicians. This course explores techniques to overcome customer objections for services and how to market preventive maintenance. During the course, participants will:
o Learn how to overcome objections to preventative maintenance costs
o Understand exactly what they’re selling
o Customize a maintenance plan specifically for the customer’s vehicle, driving style and objectives in vehicle longevity

Sunday Afternoon Seminars – 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

D1 – Brandon Steckler, Advance/CTI – GASOLINE DIRECT INJECTION: ESSENTIAL OPERATION & TESTING – Gasoline direct injection is rapidly being adopted by most vehicle manufacturers in an attempt to meet more stringent CAFÉ and EPA emissions standards. This course covers the commonly used components of a GDI system and makes their function and operation easy to understand. Learn how GDI fuel injector function and control differs from older PFI systems. Explore case studies which illustrate how high pressure fuel pump function and timing affects engine performance. This course is intended for working technicians as well as customer facing personnel who would like to improve their communication skills regarding gasoline direct injection systems and their potential problems.

D2 - Maylan Newton, ESI – THE POWER OF THE PHONE! THE HIDDEN COST OF A BAD CALL - One of the powerful tools we have in ANY facility is the phone.  Used properly it’ll make you money, taken for granted it’ll cost you money!  Join us as we talk about why you should listen to phone calls, what you should listen for and how you should train based on those conversations.  Then listen in and critique actual phone calls in class.  If you are not using your actual phone calls as a training method, you’re missing out on a powerful tool.

D3 – Pam Oakes, AutoZone - ANTI-LOCK BRAKE, STABILITY CONTROL, and TRACTION CONTROL: This course helps technicians become more familiar with Anti-lock Brake (ABS), Stability Control (ESC) and Traction Control Systems (TCS). Gaining a better understanding of how these systems operate enables technicians to become more efficient in system diagnostics and repair. During the course, participants will:
o Discuss some of the more complex systems such as hybrid brake-by-wire, torque management and total system integration including CAN communications
o Understand the differences between anti-lock brake hydraulic channel systems and how they are used o Understand the correct methods for performing anti-lock brake and traction control system diagnostics
o Discuss common electronic stability control problems

D4 - Amanda Henry & Lori Johnson, AASP-PA - UPGRADE YOUR COMPUTER SKILLS - Would you like to learn more about creating word documents, or how to make an excel sheet and then add it to your word document? Maybe you want to know how to create a cool PowerPoint for a presentation and then email it as a priority to someone and blind copy others, then this class is for you. We’ll be touching on all of these skills along with free options to collect new customers from your website and send out announcements and newsletters using popular programs such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact along with using merge in Word to create custom letters and print address labels. To truly benefit from this seminar, make sure you bring your laptop as this is a hands-on seminar!